Brook McIlroy Awarded Gold-Level PAR Certification from the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business

In a demonstration of the firm’s commitment to positive relations with Indigenous communities, Brook McIlroy was recognized with the highest level of certification by the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business’ Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) program. This rigorous certification process involves a three-year cycle of data gathering and reporting, and involves on-site interviews with leadership staff, Indigenous staff, and communities and clients.

Since the last submission cycle, Brook McIlroy established the Indigenous Design Studio, which has seen the hiring of 19 Indigenous staff members—including many students. The firm has worked to establish education and training for all staff, has developed a network of Indigenous suppliers and collaborators for projects, and has pursued project opportunities that allow for a meaningful engagement with Indigenous communities. 

Brook McIlroy previously held Bronze-level certification. The jury recommended that the firm be awarded Gold-level certification, bypassing Silver level. To learn more about PAR Certification, please see the official CCAB press release here.

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