Tamara Urben-Imbeault


B.Env.D, MLA / OALA Assoc.

(416) 504-5997 x295

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Tamara Urben-Imbeault is an Intern Landscape Architect at Brook McIlroy with five years of professional experience working in Toronto and Winnipeg. With a strong interest in the unification of man-made environments and regionally occurring plant communities, Tamara’s passion lies in the design and development of public park and urban naturalization projects.

Tamara brings a holistic and vernacular approach to the design process in her work, which often results in bespoke, site-specific projects. She has a pragmatic understanding between the relationship of users and their environments, and seeks to develop spaces which can benefit both the user as well as its natural ecosystem.

Tamara’s scope of professional experience ranges from public parks to splash pads, master plans, mixed-use commercial developments, and mid to low-rise residential developments. Notable work includes the Downtown Plaza at Sault Ste. Marie, Centre Island Water Play in Toronto, Unity Park in Toronto, and the Winnipeg Airport Lands Intermodal Port Ecological Master Plan. Tamara is an Associate OALA member, currently working towards her professional accreditation as a landscape architect.

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