Selam Eyob


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BA, MES-Pl / OPPI Candidate

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Selam Eyob is an Urban Planner at Brook McIlroy whose passion lies in public health and urban development. With a strong academic background in research and student engagement, Selam strives to create communities that are more diverse, equitable, and sustainable through human centred practices. Selam has a Bachelor of Health Sciences from Simon Fraser University, and a Master in Environmental Studies with a specialization in Urban Planning from York University.

Selam has professional experience as a planner and has worked alongside various grassroots organizations such as TTC riders and the Jane’s Walk Steering Committee. She has also contributed to various publications such as “Engaging Black People and Power”, led by Jay Pitter, and “5 Things we Learned from NYC Parks Commissioner Mitchell Silver”. Since joining Brook McIlroy, Selam has supported colleagues in writing Block Context Plans, Design Briefs and Avenue Segment Studies for developments within the City of Toronto.

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