Jenna Davidson



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Jenna is a versatile planner with a professional focus on urban environments and community impact assessments. She has worked in parklands, the environmental management sector, and the natural resource sector, and has contributed to a variety of urban planning and design projects, as well as environmental impact assessments and environmental coordination on major transportation projects.

Jenna earned a Double B.A. in Anthropology and Environmental Studies from the University of Victoria, BC, and completed a Master’s in Environmental Studies and Planning at York University, ON. In her work as a planner, she conveys expertise in ecology and cultural historicism and a rigour through research that is inspired by her interest in diverse interconnections between people and place. A registered planner, she also engages actively in Canada’s planning community as a conference speaker, volunteer and member of advisory committees for CIP and OPPI.

As a nature lover and outdoor recreationalist, Jenna is a strong advocate for access to public space and parkland, Indigenous-led conservation and protection of environmentally significant areas. In her spare time, when she isn’t reading into sustainable community development practices, Jenna is avidly exploring – either in her kayak, on her bike and by foot in Canada’s backyard, or traveling public transit systems abroad.

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