Hamza Vora


Hamza Vora black and white portrait

Hamza Vora is an Architect with over seven years of experience in various scales of projects, ranging from small-scale exhibition design and digital fabrication to the design of residential towers and master plans. Hamza has worked with clients in both public and private sectors, including the University of Toronto, social housing providers, private developers, and natural history museums.

Before joining Brook McIlroy, Hamza had the opportunity to work on various national and international museums and visitor centers. Notably, he made significant contributions to projects such as the Perlan Museum of Natural Wonders located in Reykjavik, Iceland, and The Natural History Museum at the University of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Hamza also assisted with the production of contract documents for the University of Toronto’s redevelopment of the historic Fitzgerald Building and has worked on many ZBA and SPA submissions for various residential mid-rise projects in Toronto.

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