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Faith Campos is a member of both the Anishinaabe and Dakota tribes with ties to Swan Lake and Long Plains. She recently graduated with her Bachelor of Environmental Design at the University of Manitoba. While a student, Faith joined the Indigenous Design and Planning Student Association (IDPSA). The organization facilitated collaborations with other Indigenous design students and professors to bring light to Indigenous design in the university environment. She was actively involved as both a planner and a participant in events such as the Nation-to-Nation Panel in early 2020.

Throughout her interdisciplinary degree, Faith focused increasingly on landscape architecture and what it means to be an Indigenous designer within the built and natural environment. This interest is influenced by her strong cultural ties to the land. She continues to pursue this interest at Brook McIlroy, where she works with the landscape architecture team. Outside of work and school, Faith creates her own Indigenous beadwork using traditional materials, such as hides and furs, with a modern touch.

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