Courtney Allary


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B.Env.D., M.I.D

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Courtney is an Interior Designer at Brook McIlroy with over 6 years of experience in design and research. She graduated from the University of Manitoba, earning her Bachelor of Environmental Design and Master of Interior Design degrees. Courtney is registered member of the Manitoba Métis Federation and has family ties throughout the Interlake of Manitoba, which heavily influences her design and research processes. She excels at schematic design, concept rendering and modelling, and design research.

During her studies, Courtney worked extensively in design research, publishing work related to women’s second-stage housing design and Indigenous houselessness as well as an award-winning Interior Design practicum focused on improving the quality of Indigenous spaces in post-secondary environments through holistic design programming. Courtney strives to practice empathetic design that shapes experiences in physical space functionally, psychologically and culturally for the better.

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