Indigenous Design Studio Social Media Takeover

Tansi (cree), Boozhoo (ojibwe), Aaniim(oji-cree), Hello (english), Bonjour (french), Wotziye(dene), Ho/Han (Dakota), Tanshi (Michif), Sekoh (Mohawk), Asujutilli (inuktituq), Ndio!/ Kwe! (Wendat).

In celebration of Indigenous Peoples Day, June 21st, 2020, Brook McIlroy’s social media this week will be taken over by the Indigenous Design Studio. We are Indigenous architects, designers, and student interns who work within the firm’s larger resources to focus on projects that support Indigenous community needs. We come from diverse Indigenous backgrounds and traditions, and all take a deep interest in cultural research and the exploration of how Indigenous cultures and innovative sustainable design practices find expression in contemporary place-making. Our work explores land-based teaching, and the way place-making connects between form, materials, and embedded artistic expression. Design is a way to strengthen a sense of place and identity, and is a key component of Indigenous cultural discovery and reclamation in an era of post-colonial transformation of what is known today as Canada.

Head over to Instagram to see what we have to say. 

Photo description: left to right: Danielle Desjarlais (Architectural Intern – Cree), Rachelle Lemieux (Associate + Architect – Métis), Ryan Gorrie (Senior Associate + Architect – Ojibwe) and Reanna Merasty (Architectural Intern – Cree).

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