Watch Film - Prince Arthur's Landing
Skating Rink at the Water Garden Pavilion
Allenbury Gardens
Toronto Avenues and Mid-Rise Buildings Study
Cambridge Streetscape Design
Poetry in the Streets
Gathering Circle at the Spirit Garden, Thunder Bay
College Quarter GreenWay
Viewing Circle, Prince Arthur's Landing
Windsor Peace Beacon Pavilion
Downsview Park Master Plan
Bloor-Dundas Metrolinx Mobility Hub
Water Garden Pavillion
Tivat Hillside Terraces
Tianjin Exchange City
Jarvis Street Transformation
Pier Two, Prince Arthur's Landing
IOD LighTrain


Brook McIlroy

Brook McIlroy is an award-winning architecture, urban design, landscape architecture and planning firm with offices in Toronto and Thunder Bay. Our practice is founded on the ambition to create a truly multi-disciplinary office to address the complex and interrelated challenges of contemporary city building and design.

Projects span from large-scale urban visions and implementation strategies to the detailed design of buildings, landscapes and civic infrastructure. Each project is approached as a unique challenge focused on client engagement, community consultation and thorough place-specific research. Recognizing the profound impact our cities, buildings and landscapes have on the global environment Brook McIlroy proactively integrates sustainable development practices into all of its projects and the workplace.