Tneshia Pages Innocente , studio

BA (Hons), M.Pl. / RPP, MCIP

416-504-5997 x286

Tneshia Pages Innocente

Tneshia Pages Innocente is a Planner at Brook McIlroy. Her background in planning, urban design, and architecture have reinforced her belief in the importance of the intersection of design and policy to create dynamic communities, and the value of planning at a variety of scales. Her work in these fields have given her experience assessing the physical environment, observing planning problems, and providing recommendations with policy and design based solutions.

Tneshia has experience in policy research and analysis, the development of built form guidelines, master plan development, and public and stakeholder engagement. Tneshia’s core project work includes the Niagara GO Hub and Transit Station Study, Guelph Built Form Standards for Mid-Rise Buildings and Townhouses, the Burlington Mobility Hubs Study, the Sheppard Avenue West Secondary Plan Study, and the University of Toronto Housing Study.